My Web-life, A Personal Technological Timeline

Published November 22, 2013 by douglauffer

What is my timeline with respect to the technologies of the World Wide Web?

Pre-this life, code talker as an American Indian,
Birth-cried and was fed, childhood
in the 50’s & 60’s learnt the Morse Code as a boy scout and radio operator,
late 60’s & 70’s did much with music and “smoke” signals,
80’s HAM/amateur radio operator in Africa in the USA i am N3TER,
early 90’s integrated a Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator with a modem to communicate wirelessly with the first capable cellular telephones,
mid-90’s wrote a paper to defend the Internet as an ostensible open public repository of adaptive archival and retrieval methodologies, i.e. an eLibrary not limited to terrestrial signaling but also including wireless GLOBAL & Interstellar (satellites, etc.),
2000’s to now promulgating a crude science of the Internet with my students teaching them over the last twenty plus years

What is your timeline for World Wide Web technologies?

My Instagram for Doug Lauffer

Published November 19, 2013 by douglauffer

You can see the Instagram site.
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