My Web-life, A Personal Technological Timeline

Published February 6, 2016 by douglauffer

What is my timeline with respect to the technologies of the World Wide Web? Pre-this life, code talker as an American Indian, Birth-cried and was fed, childhood in the 50’s & 60’s learnt the Morse Code as a boy scout and radio operator, late 60’s & 70’s did much with music and “smoke” signals, 80’s HAM/amateur radio operator in Africa in the USA i am N3TER, early 90’s integrated a Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator with a modem to communicate wirelessly with the first capable cellular telephones, mid-90’s wrote a paper to defend the Internet as an ostensible open public repository of adaptive archival and retrieval methodologies, i.e. an eLibrary not limited to terrestrial signaling but also including wireless GLOBAL & Interstellar (satellites, etc.), 2000’s to now promulgating a crude science of the Internet with my students teaching them over the last twenty plus years


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