Philosophical Rant

Published August 4, 2013 by douglauffer

All readers, it is more important to BE…nice as it is to BE…important.

P-please know this chapter is to our readers. This chapter is a part of an experiment in eSocialization.

Each of your lives are already rich…transcending self to others is most important to me…

As St. Bonaventure said/wrote… “One must go into self and come out of self…”

Then, return to one’s self and emerge to TRANSCEND self.

As a The Master of eLearning(tm) can we not together transcend ourselves to really reach our students/followers/etc. to BE and DO something in eLearning that most think cannot happen today? (only in the future-> NO/NOT).

i remain your devoted writer/follower. doug for VICKI too!

Doug K. Lauffer, OM, MST, MA

US Mobile: (412) 527-2213

Doug Lauffer’s Office 435 Broad Street ~ Sewickley, PA, USA 15143

Doug Lauffer, Associate Professor Computer Information Systems Telecommunications & Philosophy

Community College Beaver County CCBC

(724) 480-3546 Doug’s College Office Phone

Doug Lauffer’s Personal home page & Vita:





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