Amplification/Attenuation and Permeability/Impermeability

Published March 9, 2014 by douglauffer

The continuous amplification of messages must be energized from time to time.

If not, the messages attenuate, i.e. weaken or even cease.

Attenuation coefficients are used to quantify different media according to how strongly the transmitted ultrasound amplitude decreases as a function of frequency. The attenuation coefficient () can be used to determine total attenuation in dB in the medium using the following formula:

As this equation shows, besides the medium length and attenuation coefficient, attenuation is also linearly dependent on the frequency of the incident ultrasound beam. Attenuation coefficients vary widely for different media. 9-Mar-14.

The nature of relationship is prone to permeability, relationships; to be impermeable must be fortified by an uncompromising commitment, i.e. sustainable power source(s).

Here Energy and Persistence are critical as well, here, i should say that Quality and Understanding are also necessary for amplification and impermeability.


A consideration that is important to my argument is the Beer-Lambert law.

The following from the above website is important to generally understanding what I mean by Amplification/Attenuation and Permeability/Impermeability:

The law states that there is a logarithmic dependence between the transmission (or transmissivity), T, of light through a substance and the product of the 

World Universities Forum 2014 Lisbon, Portugal

Published January 20, 2014 by douglauffer

WUForum LISBON 2014PractPedagProcessFlowChrtDiagram

Having had the advantage of having a poster presentation, i want to share it with you here. The World Universities Forum 2014 at the University of Lisbon, Portugal was a wonderful experience of collaboration on Student Learning and Success.

My Web-life, A Personal Technological Timeline

Published November 22, 2013 by douglauffer

What is my timeline with respect to the technologies of the World Wide Web?

Pre-this life, code talker as an American Indian,
Birth-cried and was fed, childhood
in the 50’s & 60’s learnt the Morse Code as a boy scout and radio operator,
late 60’s & 70’s did much with music and “smoke” signals,
80’s HAM/amateur radio operator in Africa in the USA i am N3TER,
early 90’s integrated a Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator with a modem to communicate wirelessly with the first capable cellular telephones,
mid-90’s wrote a paper to defend the Internet as an ostensible open public repository of adaptive archival and retrieval methodologies, i.e. an eLibrary not limited to terrestrial signaling but also including wireless GLOBAL & Interstellar (satellites, etc.),
2000’s to now promulgating a crude science of the Internet with my students teaching them over the last twenty plus years

What is your timeline for World Wide Web technologies?

My Instagram for Doug Lauffer

Published November 19, 2013 by douglauffer

You can see the Instagram site.
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